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I work at a sports store and used to get sticks from my junior team so I have a pretty filthy collection. Ill go favourite to least.

3 Bauer one95 p106 (richards) 87 flex. My favourite stick all time. First got some from my team in 08-09 and have been my go to stick since. Just ordered one in from another store that ill only be paying $80 for. Great blade, excellent puck feel, love the mid kick on it; great for snappers and one timers and super durable.

Warrior kronik, Draper pattern grip 85 flex. Picked one up as we have them marked down to 99 bucks. Nice feel. Lightweight with good pop on the stick, feels sturdy, comp to the one95.

Bauer vapor x:60, p88 87 flex. Also picked up on a sale price, might try it after my next one95 snaps. Used it in praccy a few times. Not too sure about the blade pattern and because of how balanced the stick is, i feel it is almost too blade-light. The release is quick and the stick is responsive, just might take some getting used to.

2 Easton Makos custom pattern, 85-87 flex. Got these from my junior team and cant say i love them. The blade softened up on my first one pretty quick, the paint all chipped off and it felt extremely whippy compared to the one95, which was to be expected. Good quick wrist and snap shot on it, when i got a hold of it. Some shots came off heavy, some not so much. Felt very inconsistent. Now my 4th back up sticks.

Easton s-19 sakic curve grip 85 flex. I really dont like easton... I got this from an easton rep about a year ago. The performance was great, the stick was light but it was a toothpick. Lasted me about 2 months of summer hockey + some hockey school coaching, now the blades blowing up and the elip profile feels like its gonna go, so its at home, too. If given the chance id drop the 70 bucks on a sale
s14 and take on the added weight + durability over the s19.

Recently got to demo the ccm rbz, and it was a beaut. Light, unreal pop on your shots, passes were hard and accurate, blade felt a little diff, but good. Only negative was the reps didnt let us keep the twig :p

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