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10-31-2012, 03:02 PM
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Originally Posted by Muffin View Post
I would bet you anything in the would the lines to start the season is going to be:
I have to agree with you that those are probably the most probable lines but I don't agree with them at all.

Landeskog needs to be tried with Duchene, and you don't sign a UFA winger to a new deal and new team only to move him off of his natural position. I'd be much more comfortable seeing Downie moved to the LW side as he won't be relied on nearly as much for scoring.

McGinn - Stastny - Jones / They will at least have a chance to continue the chemistry they had at the end of last season, and if they do then they are easily a 1A 1B line. If they don't Jones becomes the Avs albatross contract and pretty much a 3rd liner being paid 4M per year.

Landeskog - Duchene - Parenteau / Landeskog and Duchene at least need a good look together, they are our best and brightest. I'm not saying it will or won't work but it needs to be tried for a bit to see. Parenteau and Landeskog would create a lot of space for Duchene and vice versa...

Downie - O'Reilly - Hejduk / Olver - O'Reilly - Downie / Rookie - O'Reilly - Downie : O'Reilly and Downie can be an effective force even when their line isn't scoring.

McLeod - Mitchell - Hejduk/Kobasew

With our RW depth we really need Hejduk to be about 5 years younger and a LW... His ability to play a top 9 role is the biggest question mark on the team IMO. Without him there is a hole in the top 9.

It's also pretty obvious with Hejduk's statements about giving up the captaincy, that he has zero expectations of being on a scoring line or in the top 6. And that's exactly where Duchene needs to be...

Originally Posted by Lonewolfe2015 View Post
I would be overjoyed if Crosby could impart some sort of vision onto Duchene. Wishful thinking I guess.

But it's good to hear he's doing well and hopefully back on track as a player. Anyone know the background story on how Duchy and Crosby ended up training together in the first place?
They are both Reebok endorsed, and the only two I am aware of. Duchene got his endorsement shortly after being drafted and I believe Crosby and Duchene spent time together as a result of that. I think with Duchene and Crosby being similar type players (Size and Position, and Duchene's potential to be an elite player) it's easy to see why Duchene latched onto him and wants to learn as much as possible from him.

That's really the only rock solid connection that has been publicized, that I am aware of anyways. Also I do think that if anyone can tell Duchene something and have it stick... It would be Crosby, I can only hope as good of a playmaker as Crosby is that he impressed upon Duchene the need to use his linemates more. That's one of the things Crosby does best.

From what little we have heard about his time playing over seas, he seems to be setting up his linemates and making a lot of unselfish plays that are not being finished off. As well as being more physical on top of it. So there is hope I think...

I think Duchene has good character in all areas (Work ethic, drive) except being quite hard headed. I keep remembering in Duchene's draft day video him snapping off at his dad, and his dad pretty much just taking it. Obviously at 18 that happens but, it just highlights how hard headed and cocky he can be. His comments as of late seem to suggest that hes becoming at least a bit more humble and mature though.

Originally Posted by anguscertified View Post
I interviewed Sidney Crosby's trainer last week - he spent time this summer working with Duchene. And he (biased, maybe) thinks Duchene is back on track.
Great read, thanks for posting that.

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