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Uh? Kolesnikovs isn't with the team anymore.

Jevpalovs did well in pre-season but suffered a concussion. He has been very slow to produce so far since the start of the real season. But he has all the tools to be a player in this league.

I certainly hope we did not trade Lebel + Jevpalovs for Culek...

I don't think Bouchard will act too quick and I don't think he will go after a european overrager, it just doesn't make sense. Withtout Lebel we still have a very good and deep offense.

Guys like Martel, Hodhod, Sanche and Hinds will be able to get more ice time and further developp. By Christmas, I expect Bouchard to pick up an all-star forward in the Huberdeau/Danault mold and perhaps a veteran forward and defenseman to add to our depth for our hopefully lenghty playoff run.
I do not believe Jevpalovs is in the plans beyond this year, came over-hyped from the start & everything I hear point to the fact he is not in their future plans. Using Jevpalovs as trade bait is better than releasing him outright at the end of the season. Hodhod will be a star in the future, Hinds has some good traits and well worth holding on to, Sanche terribly small in any league so while he can come in handy for the interim his number may already be written in next years aquisitions or soon thereafter.

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