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10-31-2012, 02:20 PM
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Originally Posted by Plan The Parade View Post
Sadly, he offers no evidence to support his claim other than "some sources". Well, my sources told me specifically that Bettman and Fehr have already come to an agreement, and are just posturing so that they can get more out out of NBC.
Friedman doesn't seem like a guy that desperate for attention or something to write about or someone who would just spew BS so yes he hasn't presented hard evidence but the fact that he's being specific in regards to teams indicates to me that there's something here and it's not complete speculation like it would be from me or you.

And how exactly are Phoenix hardliners? Washington in that group is a bit surprising but with the rest to me it seems like a huge conflict of interest since those are the teams that have been relying more on revenue sharing lately rather than bringing in revenue.

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