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You post completely contradicts itself.

The Detroit Lions took WRs because Matt Millen felt they were a few playmakers away from being a competitive team. If they had taken BPA picks (o-line, d-line) over the flashier WRs, they would have had the foundation for a great team.
LOL, no. They took Matt Millens percieved best player availible. Now, Millen obviously had been hit in the head one too many times, but the lure of glamour positions trumped anything when it came to picking in the first round in what is possibly the greatest failure in NFL draft history. If Millen wanted playmakers, as you say, there is a laundry list of completely defined definitions of playmakers he could have taken. He chose to focus on one position and one position only, similar to what the Oilers have done without worry about shoring up obvious needs.
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The Green Bay Packers took Aaron Rodgers in the first round when they already had future HOFer Brett Favre.
Wow, really? The same HOF'er who was starting to break down? I dont blame them for taking Rodgers who learned under Favre. This doesnt make sense at all and was GB being proactive in the truth that Favre was almost done, in their eyes.
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The New York Giants took JPP in the first round when they already had Tuck, Umenyiora, etc...
But not with the first pick overall, which is the one trump card that the Oilers have had for the last three years. I have no problem with a team going BPA when they are 15 picks in, but to have the luxury of picking first for three years in a row, you have to fill in the blanks and make it count. The jury is still out for the Oilers in that reguard.
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Good teams always take BPA at the top of the draft or trade down. The Oilers actually handled the three 1st overalls perfectly - take the BPA every time or trade out. You can disagree with it if you want, but most professional scouts had the players they picked ranked #1. As an Oiler fan, I have no problem whatsoever with they way they picked. In fact, if they had forgone BPA to pick for need, I would have been very angry.
I have always said they should have traded out of that pick, but thats just me. The Oilers will score a bunch of goals and have a bunch more scored on them. Thats my opinion until proven otherwise. They had the chance to take advantage of being so bad for so long they could have bilked a GM into giving up a kings randsom for the first overall last year and chose to add another scorer just for the sake of taking PBA. Thats LOL worthy to me, but time will prove whom is correct.

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