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Originally Posted by thom View Post
Jean Belliveau was playing in the Quebec senior league and making over 20 thousand a year.The Owners of the habs had to buy the league to get Jean to play for Montreal.Their are dozens of examples of players like jean.The vancouver team in the sixties might have made the playoffs in the nhl they were that good
If this was true, the quality of the NHL's total talent pool in those years was even lower than has been previously thought.

Originally Posted by Master_Of_Districts View Post
Perhaps not, but it's worth noting that they'd be comparable in terms of percentile rank.

EDIT: For clarity, I'm not suggesting that percentile rank is perfect. The 90th percentile in 1966-67 is more impressive than the 90th percentile in 1967-68. But league size is still a relevant factor when assessing the impressiveness of the nth place scoring finish in one year versus the nth place scoring finish in another.
I believe the changes in total talent, due to population growth and players from US/overseas, is a much, much larger factor towards the top than is changes in opportunity due to expansion.

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