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10-31-2012, 03:45 PM
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I have no problem with tasteful corporate tie ins, and think they could do incredible things for the industry. NHL's advertising along the boards is a great example. There's a few action racer type games that have billboards advertising real products. That would be fine if they could add some more variety. Games that have sponsored tournaments (NHL 13 Battle for the Cup, brought to you by Verizon) are just fine as well. But a game like that that takes place in a 7-11? That's crossing some lines.

But I'm more intrigued than offended by the idea of "scan a Doritos or Mountain Dew UPC to play" aspect. I believe those aren't serialized so you can just scan the same one over and over again, but I could see potential for system crossover there. We already have a wealth of "free to play" games where people pay to speed up time. We also have a thousand different snack/beverage promotions where buying pop gets you points or unlocks or some other "special" game or real life merchandise. Why not have those free to play games do this? That way they can tell their customers they're actually getting something physical with the money they're paying to speed things up. Zynga is in dire straits, they should jump at the opportunity.

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