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10-31-2012, 03:47 PM
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Originally Posted by seventieslord View Post
I thought he played with those guys most often, too, in which case I'd 100% agree that his TOI is not truly indicative of his ability. (except Dreakmur is saying otherwise, so I'm not sure now) Plus, his minutes in Toronto were indicative of a bad team. IMO, He has ranged from a low end #1, to a mid-grade #2 in his career, which is still nice. It's the low career GP thanks to his late start that are kinda holding him back.

He's underrated though. I took him quite late last year and no one really seemed to care about the pick either way. I, of course, thought it was great.

As for Pronger/Niedermayer, since the minutes of these three players added up to about 81, and Pronger/Niedermayer were not partners, doesn't this mean Beauchemin had to be playing about half of his ES time (at least) with one of them?
A couple of things:
- The big gap between Beauchemin's TOI and the number 4 guy on that Anaheim team. Regardless of what HHOFers were also playing on his team, the Ducks still decided to give him 25+ of the 65 minutes or so that was left for their bottom 4 defensemen. That's a big chunk. If the thinking was "Niedermayer's partner by necessity plays 25 minutes", why wouldn't Pronger have a similar effect on someone else?
- The Leafs were awful defensively while Beauchemin was there, but it wasn't like he played for an expansion type roster bereft of (supposedly) capable veterans. Looking through his game logs, he almost never played a low-minute game with the Leafs - had they felt he was truly struggling as their acting #1D (as opposed to doing what he could in front of those awful goalies), he could have easily been benched in favour of someone like Kaberle, or a few vets who I don't care to check whether they've been drafted.

But I get the impression that people here have a pretty balanced view of him.

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