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10-31-2012, 04:33 PM
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Originally Posted by JRull86 View Post
I get what you're saying, but wishing LA would win over Miami just feels so wrong.

That being said, I absolutely despise LeBron, and Wade for that matter. They epitomize everything that's wrong with the sport now. Dwayne Wade used to be a good guy, good player. That 2006 Finals was incredible from him. But ever since LeBron came? He's turned into a whiny ***** just like his teammate.

I love the Rondo foul on him last night. Wade and LeBron need to stop acting like hardo fake tough guys about it. Maybe if Wade wasn't trying to be a stupid dbag and DRIVE to the basket with 3s left in an 11pt game it wouldn't have happened. Take a jumper, if you make it great. Driving to the basket makes you look bad, and of course someone is going to do something about it.

The sheer thought of an LA/MIA finals pisses me off.

Agreed on all accounts. I love that KG gave Ray the cold shoulder last night. It was old school.

Don't get me wrong, sportsmanship is great and all. But old school NBA (Magic/Bird etc.) there was none of this love fest you see now a days. I loved watching the 80's C's team against the Lakers. I hated Kurt Rambis and Bill Lambeer. A little bit of hatred is good for the sport

As far as picking LA over Miami in the finals, it was just to prove a much I truly hate Lebron and Miami. I don't want to see the two teams I hate most make it to the Finals. But if it happens, I hate Lebron and company so much, I weather see Kobe get another ring than Lebron get a second.

Absolutely loved Rondo not taking any crap from Wade. Rondo plays with old school swagger. Glad we locked him up!

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