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Originally Posted by Czech Your Math View Post
I addressed your points as appropriately as possible. I don't think you have a valid retort, and so have resorted to accusations of "bla bla bla." It's not like you to give up a fight, but it's probably wise in this case.

I provided analogous, coherent examples, reasoned arguments and simple mathematical formulas in support of my assertions. You have already shown that you don't even understand the math involved in adjusted stats, yet accuse others (specifically me) of not understanding the very process that I was one of the first to create and/or adopt.

Is there a flaw? If you are using adjusted stats to compare the difficulty level of attaining equivalent levels of adjusted production in different seasons, then no, it's not absolutely perfect, so yes there's a flaw... but it's a much, much smaller flaw than there is in using raw data or the compilation of the opinions of a few sportswriters, etc.

It isn't exclusion. The raw data is simply an ingredient to make a much more satisfying end product. I'll bake cookies, but I won't exclude you from consuming a cup of flour, a cup of sugar, a raw egg, etc. You can lash out at those of us using indoor plumbing, and trudge out to the outhouse in two feet of snow. No one's excluding anything, but those of us who understand adjusted stats prefer not to go back to the dark ages, just because others are afraid of the boogey man.
As far as giving up the fight, I haven't and I do understand the math.
It does concern me though that you don't understand that a flaw of any sort gets magnified the further you go from the median in any formula giving results based on averages.

But don't you worry, I will soon provide an extensive analysis and breaking down of all of your premises provided throughout this thread.

As far as the issue of exclusion...I even bolded the part of your post where you said exactly that.
It's not about the boogey man and it's not about understanding adjusted stats.
It's about understanding that it's not adjusted stats vs every other way. That is it about adjusted stats + everything else.

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