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Originally Posted by Artemis View Post
How many AHL players do you think would cross that virtual picket line? Enough to stock a league?
when a replacement league starts... it wont be very good... probably very comparable to a top european league. a step below the khl... a step above the ahl.

maybe some recently retired nhlers will come back for another payday... some north americans that were in europe cause they couldnt play here will come back. some college grads that didnt think they had a chance at a pro career will tryout. and most of the nhl would be stocked by career ahl vets.

now the first year will suck... the players will get great paydays compared to what they are used to. ticket prices would have to be way way way down... maybe even given away. maybe the owners would have to live off concession money cause maybe the ticket prices would be non existient but a funny thing would happen in year two... once the players have gone two entire years losing 2-6 million dollars per... they will wonder what the hell they are doing????

at that point they will either settle on a new cba that is ok for the league... or they will just start crossing the line themselves. Ultimately the average career for even decent third liners is still only around 10 years. the first 3 they dont get paid alot. the last couple they dont usually get paid alot either. third liner types only have a 5-6 year span they can make this type of money.

fourth liners have much shorter careers... missing 2 seasons could miss their entire careers.

superstars... well... they often worry about their place in history. a guy that wants to end up with 500 career goals and a spot in the hall of fame could lose his chances with 2 years out.

so... there wont be replacement players this year... but i could see it happen next year if worst comes to worst... and if it happened again in year three then there would be a lot of good nhl players involved.

in the long run... the league would probably do better if they can break the union... but the next couple years would suck. pain for gain.

i dont see it happening... surely the players have more common sense then to sit out 2 years over misguided sense of principal?

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