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10-31-2012, 04:50 PM
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Originally Posted by BlackNgold 84 View Post
So they are struggling to make a profit.. ok. This is a business right? many people keep on saying professional sports are a business. If you can't make a profit than theres something wrong with management. Are there certain things that take away from their profit or different economic problems, absolutely. But the system that is presently being implemented is obviously not working. And that is on the owners, not the players.
It's not working... But it's not mismanagement that's got them to not working.

The old CBA made it nearly impossible to lose great deals of money (the argument was made back in 2004, THIS CBA has worked). All we need now is a slight tinker to the system and teams can start making actual money.

You focus on who is to blame. It's not about "fault" or "fair". It's about a problem, a solution, and how to get there.

Right now, I'm sympathetic to one side more than another because I feel as though the NHL is bullying. The PA has actually shown a willingness to sacrifice. And every proposal I have put forward focuses on taking the LEAST amount possible from the PA AND on giving the PA representation in the operations of the league. Give, take, and an effort to cease the noise and pointless arguing next time 'round.

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