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Originally Posted by Ryan34222 View Post
care to explicate? you dont get much better location than Hamilton for SO.. maybe Milton but its a small city, much like Markham
... I dont understand that one either. Markham is like the 4th largest city basically within the GTA itself behind Brampton & Mississuaga, with a population of app 300,000 & change, of which, nearly 65% are of Chinese & South Asian origin. It was only incorporated as a "City" from "Town" status this past July. Its a former agricultural area, a collection of quaint little villages & crossroads named after Mills (Vinegar Hill, Milliken Mills etc) that have long since disappeared and is now just a homogeneous suburban sprawl of townhomes, condo's & tract houses; McMansions. Massive T&T Supermarket, Pacific Mall. Everything practically brand new. No real sense of an identity of its own. What's going on with the arena project, the obvious aspirations to secure a franchise I call "Factory Hockey". People think the ACC is "cold, plastic, without soul", well, wait'll they get a load of Markham. Feel like Bowie in The Man Who Fell to Earth.

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