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10-31-2012, 05:27 PM
Gee Wally
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Waaaay too much emotion going on here. What's fair? Who's right or wrong? What side to pick?

I'm just waiting it out. I invest my emotion like my money.......carefully.

This is business. Business is greed. It's about getting whatever you can because at the end of it all its taking care of your own needs and desires.

Nobody is right. Nobody is wrong. Fair isn't a factor.

It's business and it will end when someone says uncle. We put more into it than there really is. We are the fans. We are the insurance policy that allows the sides to do this. We will go back when called to do so. We are as addicted to it as crackheads. Maybe we are to blame?

People give me crap for my "it's always about the money" mantra. But it really is.

Relax folks. Hockey will be back. When it comes back the combatants will stand together and laud what a good deal/compromise/collaborative effort it was. That too is just business.

We will return. They will make money.

Then we will begin the cycle again.

So, live, love, and laugh .

Enjoy hockey when it returns. It doesn't deserve this much angst in the big picture really.


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