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Originally Posted by krazy kanuck View Post
Look, I'm not going to defend every Branch decision but the CHL and OHL have grown under his tenure. It has lasted while he's been at the helm. I've said this before elsewhere, but in his tenure:

- Teams have gone from playing in places like the Ray Twinney Recreation Complex (Newmarket) to playing in places like the John Labatt Centre (London), Hershey Centre (Mississauga), Barrie Molson Centre and the WFCU (Windsor).

- Television exposure and average attendance have increased.

- Major Memorial Cup title sponsorship deal.

- Introduction of the top prospects game.

- I would say he's also drastically cut down on fights and headchecks, but you may not see those as positives.

I think the examples above demonstrate that overall, he's been a success.
Sorry i bit my tongue on this too long
I was personally involved in the JLC construction and help to get it up and running in my previous employment.Please,Mr branch didnt have squat to do with it.Only thing he approved was the move.Whippee

Tv exposure and increase, Tell me how that has helped the teams,Oh yes it helped the OHL fill their pockets with cash with TV contracts but has hurt the teams attendance.More free tickets and promos floating around than ever before.Yes they do share some of the revenues but only after the fat cats in the OHL are paid first.Ask people why they dont go.Can sit home and watch.Plus it has driven the ticket price up and the arena's. Dont go by the game attendance anounced on the oHL sites.They do count the freebies and discounted tickets.

Yes will give him the cup deal

Top prospects game,Oh es,the game last year when he suspended Yakopuv even though he had a letter from his Doctor advising him not play or attend.He wasnt the only player that didnt want to go.The scouts ahve seen all of these prospects a million times before.Oh yes this was for Branch betterment,Not the players.he uses them like pieces of meat so he can feed them to the lions

Head shots and fights,Started long before OHL and Branch started.Other leagues and NHL started first and Branch just followed along.If was so sincere about it and smart, he should have been the first.Sorry fight rule is flawed,read post above.

If you call success putting yourself ahead of the players in his league for your OWN personal gain,then yes in your eyes he is successful.In my eyes NO WAY

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