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10-31-2012, 06:20 PM
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Has there been any worse starting LT than J'Marcus Webb? Id like to know. Is this guy the worst LT in the league or what. Seventh round draft pick. Ok theres been some low round OT picks in the HISTORY of the NFL that have done well. Thats not the case here. Whats even more incredible is the Bears refuse to draft a LT. One of the most important positions to have. Thats if you want to keep your QB in relatively good health. Well Angelo did draft Chris Williams. That didnt work out. Another brilliant Angelo o-line pick. Good riddance Jerry.

Lets look at J'Marcus' pedigree.

In 2006, as a freshman, Webb played for the University of Texas Longhorns. The Longhorns went 103 and Webb played in the Alamo Bowl. In 2007, Webb transferred to Navarro College, and in 2008, he transferred to West Texas A&M University.
Wuzzat... going from D1 to xyz Navarro College. Anyone got a magic wand. Maybe some good fairy can wave it over J'Marucs and he can transform into some adequate starting LT.

Anyone know the upcoming D ends JAY MARCUS is going to be facing in the upcoming games? Holy c...p. Hope Cutler has good life insurance.

Am I overstating things here or what?

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