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Originally Posted by Rhiessan71 View Post
I was led to believe that the calculated league avg. gpg was calculated with the exclusion of the player's points or goals that is being adjusted.
In the example of Gretzky from 85/86, his 215 or 52 gaols is excluded from the calculation to figure out the the calculated league avg. gpg.

Is that incorrect?
That's correct, but again, you don't seem to understand the actual formula (the simplified version of which I've already presented in this thread):

Adj. Points = Actual Points * Constant (which is 6.0) / League Avg.

If a player scores 90 points when league avg. is 7.5 gpg, then:

Adj. Points = 90 * 6.0 / 7.5 = 72

If the league avg. is lower, it increases the adjusted points (one can see that if league avg. was 6.0, adj. points would be the same as actual points or 90).

What is mystifying to me (and probably others) is that you are arguing about the subtle nuances and much more complex applications of a process/formula which you don't seem to understand in fundamental principle and in its most basic form.

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