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10-31-2012, 06:48 PM
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Schedule Advanced!

One thing i want to stress to all GMs (I'll update the OP with this as well):

Failure to schedule your games will result in removal from the league. It takes 5 minutes to do it and it makes it an absolute certainty that you'll be able to play 75% of your games. I put up with this way too much last season and i dont want to do it again. One of the major things that separated the top seeded teams from the 8-12 seeds wasn't necessarily skill, but amount of games played vs games played vs CPU.

Example: This schedule period I have....

-St. Louis
-St. Louis

So i'll send each GM a PM, which can be done by clicking the HF Username of the GM found in the contact list on page 1. All the PM has to say is something along the lines of...

"Hey this is the -Your Team- GM, i have you on my schedule this period. I'm available...(Central Time)

Tonight: 6pm-11pm
Thursday: 3pm-5pm, 8pm to 11pm
Friday: 2:30pm-4pm, 11pm-???? (depending if i go out or not)

Let me know which time works best for you.
Thats all, send it to the 4-7 GMs on your schedule and then you dont have to worry about it for another 3 days. In a league as active as this, there's no excuse for not submitting these messages out. I'll be expecting this from every GM in the league, and again, failure to do this simple task will result in removal from the league due to inactivity.

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