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The skill side of being a good teammate is over-rated it's much more about character

-Skate instead of coasting
-Look for open teammates and make an attempt to move the puck around
-Keep shift time reasonable (In open/outdoor hockey watch the guys who come on the ice ahead and after you)
-Talk to your team!

anything from: Make someone laugh; let people know if you see an open lane or an opponent they don't (it's a rink not a library yell and scream); if you feel like you flubbed something ask someone about what you could do to play it better; if someone offers advice (and they aren't a jerk aboot it) listen

-Show respect for everyone on the ice (and twice that for the goalies)

If you try to do these things and someone doesn't want you out there -.- problem lies with them.

In league games it's not too much different you'll be expected to take shorter shifts and quicker movement of the puck. I'll cringe though every time simple plays like chipping the puck out of our end are consistently not made... but if you're fulfilling all the non-skill parts of being a good teammate I'll hit you when I can with a pass (even if you might miss it) and I'll cheer you on when you do make things happen.

Being a good hockey player is a lot like being a good person only you dangle better

This thread really makes you think about all the little things you learn.
Great lists on respecting the tendies sherwood and raven I feel like they should be "stickied" somewhere for new players.

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