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Originally Posted by Shrimper View Post
Who have you signed in the first season?
I didn't change a lot of things in the 1st year.

I signed Malouda as DP. I bought him for very cheap (450k) but I had to give him 6.5 millions for one year. I let him go though for the 2nd year. He wasn't bad, he was often my best player but inconsistent and I thought I was paying too much for what I'm getting. He helped selling a lot of merchandises though.

With Malouda signed I had very little cash to spend. So I signed Fernando Lorefice an argentine midfielder as a free agent (he was a 3.5*) for around 200k I don't remember how much exactly. It was a decent signing, he played good in the midfield.

I also traded for Corey Ashe and picked up Gabriel Farfan from waivers (I was shocked he was on waiver). Ashe was voted the best player of the year for me, he was really great even though he's rated at 2.5* only.

I got rid of Mapp and Arnaud.

I finished 4th in the east and got eliminated in the East Semi-Finals.

In the 2nd year, I changed the face of the club almost completely.

I didn't renew Di Vaio, Rivas (I wanted to but he signed for Deportivo Cali), Malouda, Perkins, Bush and Lorefice.

I brought in:

Ustari : ex-Argentine international goalie as a free agent for 350k. He's a 4*.

Facundo Coria : as a DP from Genoa (bought for 2M$, salary 600k a year only, he's AMAZING, best player of the club by far, he's worth 10x Malouda for me on the field). He's a 4* and plays behind the striker. Already got 12 goals in 22 games.

Alfonso Alves: a 32 yrs old Brazilian 4* striker. Signed as a free agent for 350k. Very decent player.

Joshua John: Very decent winger bought from Twente. He's also young 25 years old and a 3.5*. He's playing very well. Bought him for under value (550k and valued for 1.5M and pay him 350k only).

Jonathan Dos Santos: as a DP, bought from Barcelona for around 2M$. Honestly I was shocked I could get this deal through. I got him midway during summer transfer. He's a 5*, I pay him 2.4M a year for like 3 or 4 years. I was intensively looking to sign a midfielder as a DP, but couldn't convince any high profile player, absolutely no one wanted to sign. But then I tried to get my assistance suggestions, and dos Santos was one of the suggested players. Barcelona accepted the first offer I threw at them lol. Very glad I got him

Luis Ernesto Olascoaga: a young Mexican striker. He's 22 yrs old, 2* with a 4* potential. I bought him for very cheap, wanted to take a shot at him and develop him to become a star player for me. He's a backup for Alves right now.

Samuel Piette: 19 yrs old local Canadian player. He's a project, he's a 1* right now but has a 4* potential. Will be patient with him

Al-Shaibani: The only reason I brought him as a backup for Ustari was because he was way cheaper than Bush. For some reason Bush wanted double his salary, and I didn't have much left on the salary cap.

I also signed players players I drafted, I loaned out most of them as there is no place for them right now on the team. I also signed a couple of teenagers from south america.

I'm 1st right now with 8 pts ahead of NYRB and on an 8 games winning streak including 7 consecutive games without conceding a single goal. Won't accept any less than winning the cup.

I don't know about you but Felipe is a disappointment for me. He's not progressing and his value dropped. He's a bench player for me right now, I had to bench him because he's not performing. He's a 2* player right now, he's got a 4* potential but he's not progressing fast enough.

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