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Originally Posted by redbull View Post
there are a lot of goalies that have potential, that don't develop the way many had hoped, and are exposed (sometimes lost) to waivers. It's the nature of the position and how long it takes to learn it. It's similar on defense - Wishart being a NYI example who was on waivers last year.

Justin Pogge was a star for Team Canada in junior but struggled with the Leafs/Marlies, eventually traded and doesn't look like he's going to be a pro. There are many more examples.

I'm not worried about losing a player who doesn't prove to be "good enough" - it's the nature of the business. Trying to develop players and determining when to hold'em and when to fold'em is what the GM is accountable for. It's impossible to "get it right" all the time. Sometimes it lands us Schremp, Grabner and sometimes we'll lose out.

On Poulin, he's got time, he's been hurt as well, he's looked really good for the most part, has looked equally bad at others.

My only issue with the way the NYI handle their goalies is that they don't get enough playing time. Nilsson, Koskinen and Poulin should all be starting goal-tenders somewhere. Too often, over the past couple of years, the NYI were trying to squeeze six goalies on two rosters - NYI/BP.
Yes many examples, even Al Montoya...

Mike Smith was horrible for Tampa Bay, my uncle complained about him all the time. I lived in Houston and he played for the Aeros and we used to call him 4 goal Smith because he gave up 4 goals pretty much every game. So yeah, my point out of this is not to rush the kid, but to make sure you are in a position to hold on to him and see if he is NHL ready before he just gets lost in the fold and ends up as a stud for somebody else. That's all I'm saying. The first guy to reply to me was the one who made it seem like I was saying trade him or call him up when the brunt of my comment was really just remarking how impressed I was with him in the highlights I have seen from the Bridge this season. Somebody else said he had a bad glove hand and was out of position a lot so it makes him look athletic but the highlights I saw he was robbing people with his glove hand left and right. Ok, well maybe just his left.

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