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12-08-2003, 05:56 AM
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Originally Posted by BrindA17
The Flyers are playing extremely well right now, so I'm not about to say that we need to make a trade. But, isn't there always room for improvement?

The beasts of the NHL (Detroit, Colorado, New Jersey) are usually playing well down the stretch, yet they seem to make deals around the trade deadline to upgrade their roster. The players traded aren't necessarily struggling, so there isn't a need to trade them; rather they make the risky deal in hopes of pushing themselves a bit closer to the ultimate prize.

Colorado is definitely the dominant example. They've made such deals as Deadmarsh + for Rob Blake, Rolston + for Ray Bourque, and Drury + for Derek Morris. Drury is an excellent player, and the deal might be looked at as a bit of a risk, but they did it anyway. They weaken their forward crop to strengthen their defense, hoping the upgrade on D overshadows the downgrade on offense.

Detroit made big trades year after year to build their roster. Acquired talent includes Hasek and Chelios. They knew these players were aging, but they took the risk and it paid off.

And Finally, our rival, New Jersey. Last year's deal (which I honestly highly doubted would pay off) brought in Joe Nieuwendyk for Jason Arnott. They sent the younger, stanley-cup-winning-goal-scorer to Dallas for an aging veteran. Yet, come playoff time, New Jersey went the distance and claimed the Cup.
#1. Most of the trades you're mentioning were done in a different NHL. Back when you never had to worry about the veryt real possibility of a salary cap. You can't just add big salaried players anymore without thinking about the long term ramifications.

#2. Most of the deals you mentioned didn't win the teams a Cup in the year the trade was made.

Bourque - Avalanche lost in the WCF that year.

Nieuwendyk - not made last year, but the previous year and the Devils lost to the Canes in round #1

Morris - Avalanche lost to Wild in round #1

Chelios - Was aquired in 99, Wings didn't win the Cup in 99, 00 or 01. Finally won the Cup in 02

Hasek - Really wasn't a trade, but a free agent signing.

Schnieder - swept in round 1

Theo Fluery (Colorado) - lost in WCF

Blake - Stanley Cup winner.

All teams make deals near the trading deadline to strengthen the team, and the Flyers are no exception.

Recent Flyers aquisitions near the trade deadline: Amonte, Kapanen, Yushkevich, Lapointe, Oates, etc. etc.

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