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10-31-2012, 09:22 PM
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Originally Posted by Mayor Bee View Post
Your suggestion, then, is...what? Remove the cap, and allow the NHL to revert back to what it was in the 1990s with half the league acting as a feeder system for the other half?

The cap isn't the problem. The rapid acceleration of mandatory payrolls is a big problem, and the inability to offset that is a bigger one. The unwillingness of certain owners (read: "traditional markets") to adopt an NFL-style system of revenue sharing directly relates to that.

Also, ASG didn't "give up". They admitted to trying to dump the Thrashers less than six months after taking over the team, which is hardly indicative of actually exerting any effort.
Im suggesting you let each team operate how they see fit. If a team can generate top of the league revenue, then they can afford to spend a lot of money.

The big market teams will spend. Some will spend wisely, others will spend poorly.

You will have mid market teams that will spend some, but not go over the top.

And you will have a bunch of teams spending very little, but possibly doing it by making a tiny profit, or losing a little. Either way, it would be more profitable than the current system or anything currently on the table.

All comparisons to the NFL model are absurd until you figure out how to get the NHL National TV deals like the NFL has. Its important to play in the real world, not some make believe land.

Are you saying ASG bought the team to what? Just throw money away? They tried to make it work. Failed, and then gave up. They threw in the towel.

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