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Interesting site I found called which ranks Fleury 11th in the players who should be in the hall. It's actually 9 if you take out Cherry/Burns and 7th if you also take out Chelios and Niedermayer who aren't yet eligible. They ranked Fleury and Mogilny 11-12 and Andrechyuk 10 but I think Andrechyuk is behind the other two because he never seemed as elite though a moot point since all of them should be in there under better criteria.

Imo, 1000+ pts or 800+ games around or above a ppg since the 90s should equal automatic hall of fame. I also find it funny that people argue about a diluted pool, BS because these guys are competing against an increasing # of Americans and also Europeans while the original six were basically just Canadians. Kids nowadays even have to compete more in junior just to get drafted in a high enough spot where they'll get a good look by an NHL club.

Originally Posted by Big Phil View Post
But with Turgeon you have lots of those moments. You can look and say that his numbers are alright at first glance, even out of the first round, but check out the crucial games.

1990 - 0 points in final 6th game
1991 - 0 points in last two games of series
1993 - believe it or not, the year he was hurt he had 5 points in 4 games of the last series
1994 - 1 assist in a sweep
1996 - Ironically had all 6 points in the 4 losses. Did his part
1997 - 0 points last three games of first round series
1998 - 0 points last 2 games of playoffs, 1 point last 5 games vs. Detroit
1999 - Did alright in the closing games, not a bad postseason
2000 - 0 points in Game 7. 7 assists for whole series loss
2001 - 0 points in elimination game, but overall a good postseason

There are too many times when Turgeon didn't show up and take the bull by the horns. The stats might show he was close to a point per game in the postseason, but he earned the "Tin Man" nickname for a reason early on. Too many times he didn't show up....
Did anyone ever see Mogilny, Turgeon or Kovalev sacrifice their body to block a shot?
I find this to be a terrible argument. Look at the guy's accomplishments not what he didn't accomplish or the fact that he wasn't clutch. We didn't even have film before 1952, how do you know that some of the other guys in there were any good defensively or blocked shots or how important the distribution of their goals was? It's the hall of fame not the hall of who was the most clutch or effective, Fleury, Kovalev, and Mogilny and earlier Turgeon were all elite famous players in their era and it is the "hall of fame" so why not have them in. It's time to start acknowledging the fact that the league has more and more stars nowadays who deserve a spot and that has nothing to do with "dilution of talent."

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