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10-31-2012, 11:39 PM
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Originally Posted by Jerky View Post
Plekanec is better than Desharnais, and it's not even close.

Plekanec put up 69 points playing with similar players in a veteran Kovalev (akin to Cole) and Andrei Kostitsyn (akin to Patches) who still had upside at the time.

So he wouldn't put up points playing with those 2. Are you kidding me. He had 52 pts last season (not far off from Desharnais' 60) playing with scrubs half the time.....and having to expend a huge amount of energy each game on the PK (2nd amongst forwards with 3:13 SH time per game)

There's a reason why Plekanec is seen as the most underrated player in hockey....even his own fans can't see his value.

Put Desharnais in Pleks role and Plek in Desharnais' role and then check the track record. NOT EVEN CLOSE.

I bet you also thought that Ovechkin was better then Crosby when he was putting up 110 pts with Backstrom and Semin, while Crosby had to play with Kunitz, Armstrong, and a washed up Bill Guerin and John Leclair.

Put Crosby with that talent and see how many points he puts up.

It's pretty obvious to me now that you're a french homer, that just wants to see all french players on the team, regardless of talent. I have no problem with french players (Pat Roy is one of my all time faves and I was even a big fan of Richer as a kid) but I'll stick to wanting a Giroux on my team while you stick to stop gap solutions like Desharnais and PA Parenteau
ovechkin was nothin without backstrom ice vision to me ! but you are comparing 1 year of Desharnais wich in case is nothing near from what he as to bring on ice in the years to come ... also Kostitsyn and kovalev were south/north players playing along the board while fancy tipy passing and shooting from circle point when Pacioretty and Cole fight along the board then Bang the net!

Plekanec as the most craziest pk ice vision while DD as the craziest playmaking vision. Go ask to *********** Mike Cammalleri !

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