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Originally Posted by Master Shake View Post
Hey wow, a few teams out of 30 are making money. WOOHOO. Meanwhile the others are losing huge sums.

In a perfect world Id love to see full revenue sharing among owners. But that isnt going to happen.

BTW MLSE owns alot more than just the Leafs
I'm aware MLSE owns a lot more than the Leafs. The point I was trying to get across was that a single isolated example, say Dallas or Toronto, does not provide an accurate depiction of the fiscal state of the league. We simply do not know what teams are making or losing aside from a select group of articles written on information from unnamed sources who may or may not reliable and may or may not have an agenda. The best solution would be for the NHL to open their books, prove to fans that their struggling and need concessions. They've have so far refused to do any such thing. Thus, we're left with conjecture. You and several others believe many NHL teams are losing significant sums of money; I believe that only a very small minority of clubs are losing significant amounts of money and the rest of the league is close to breaking even or profitable.

The fact is, the players make WAAAAAAAAAAAY too much money. NHL players should NOT be making 4,5,6,8,9 million a year. Its ludicrous.

This is like saying if McDonalds in Beverly Hills makes millions pays their employees 20 bucks an hour that the McDonalds everywhere else should also.
NHL players are the best in the world at what they do and therefore are handsomely compensated for it. It is no different than a company going out and paying through the nose for the top executives possible.

Do players, like high-ranking executives, deserve the salaries they get when compared to the salaries of doctors and police personnel? Probably not, but if that is what the market is paying, then that is what they'll get.

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