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10-31-2012, 11:45 PM
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What Do You Think About Toews' Lockout Comments?

Captain Serious has been a bit of chatty cathy when it comes to complaining about the NHL's position in the lockout.

He's put himself out there by being entirely negative re: the NHL (although he took time to compliment Rocky/Hawks Organization).

The people on the "Business of Hockey" board here (which, admittedly, is not the most "readable" part of the boards these days) have taken to flaming Toews.

What do you think?

a non-exhaustive list of his comments include:

"I believe that it doesn't matter how much we try and reason with them or negotiate," Hawks captain Jonathan Toews said Friday. "It has been proven over time that they're on a timeline and they're waiting to see how much they can squeeze us for. We've worked very hard at trying to negotiate. That's as much as we can do at this point."

For Toews, the league is obviously losing image during the lockout as fans have mostly sided with the players union during the process, and for him, the latest 50-50 offer made by them is one that they do not even want to implement themselves, terming it to be “just a ploy”.

“There’s no real effort there,” Toews said, according to “It’s just a ploy to kind of sway the positive light back in their favour”.

The problem for the league is that the players see the offer as a ploy to gain public favor. As pleasant as a 50/50 split sounds, the best it might be is a step toward real negotiations after weeks of no movement from either side.

“It’s an interesting tactic,” Blackhawks center Jonathan Toews said Wednesday. “Obviously, to a certain extent, they’re trying to sway public opinion. I don’t think there’s a secret there. As players, it’s something, but it’s not anything to get overly excited about. We’ll look at it, consider it and see where we go from there.”
Personally, I think he should shut it. I like the guy but every quote i read from him makes me cringe.

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