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10-31-2012, 11:57 PM
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Originally Posted by DJN21 View Post
quite the contrary...a good reason for trading him at the time? I reiterate you're looking at losing him for nothing all the while the sabres had potentially roy,ennis,adam, 4 picks to replace your lack of center depth...thats as good a reason as any. Not to mention our defense depth could instantly become YOUR defensive depth.

Furthermore youve focused on nothing but Getzlaf's initial statement said Ryan or Getz...and frankly you can blow all the smoke you want but for a month period to everyone in hockey Ryan was viewed as, as good as gone. That being said my initial statement of Ryan to the sabres(yes i said getz too)...made far too much sense.
Did you miss the part where I said it made no sense to move Getzlaf? You quoted the post, and even disputed it. You need to make up your mind here. I'm not arguing that moving Ryan might have been considered. I've long said that he'd probably be available for the right deal, but Bobby Ryan is not Ryan Getzlaf.

Getzlaf had a full year left on his contract. They weren't looking at losing him for nothing for some time, and considering he's expressed a desire to play his entire career in Anaheim, I doubt they were too worried about it at the time. With a full year to sign him, why would they consider moving him? That makes no sense. You're painting a picture in which signing Getzlaf seems unlikely, but I can assure you that this isn't how Anaheim sees it.

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