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11-01-2012, 12:07 AM
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Originally Posted by ponder View Post
Re: his accuracy in general, I think it's fine. He takes a lot of shots from far out, it's harder to be accurate on those. He also tends to go top cheese, I'm sure if he just wanted to get the puck on net with low shots he'd almost never miss the net, but butterfly goalies cover the bottom of the net very well, so he tries to pick the corners. Some guys shoot low hoping for deflections and/or rebounds, other guys shoot high trying to score with the initial shot, Dion definitely belongs to that second group. I think there's merit to both strategies, if you have a weaker shot you should definitely be going for tips/rebounds, but if you have a cannon it's not a bad idea to shoot to score, even from the point. His accuracy is fine, but he's going to miss the net a decent amount anyway simply because he's trying to pick corners from long distance.

its an old kind of mentality (no offence to anyone here) to just try and hit the net. In the old days you saw players slap the puck along the ice and score. Never now though ( don't mention toskala). The goalies are a lot bigger so you have to pick the corners. Like the video said.. phaneuf tends to shoot right beside the head on the glove side, its a good places to shoot seeing as no goalie wants to make a save on that bullet with his mask.. and its almost impossible to get the glove on that.

Reminds me of a guy i play with.. amazing player, should of been drafted to the nhl.. Very hard shot, but he misses the net or hits bar quite often trying to pick corners, simply because just shooting on net doesn't work very often anymore.

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