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11-01-2012, 12:49 AM
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Originally Posted by Hampeus View Post
I want to keep Haren. After Weaver, Wilson, and maybe Greinke, we have Richards and Maronde, who are not ready, Williams, who really should be a #6/long reliever, and nothing else. There's also few SP's on the market after Greinke who are any good, and they will probably cost more than Haren. I also have full confidence that Haren will be back on track next year after an offseason to rest up the back, and a good spring. If we don't keep Haren, and Greinke goes elsewhere, we have:


That's just unexceptable for an aging team with few good prospects. We'd have to give up Bourjos, Morales, and/or Trumbo to get some pitching. Wilson also wasn't very good last year, so there's a small chance that our only good Starter will be Weaver.... that's not what you want with Pujols aging, and one of the worst prospect pools in the league atm.

Just watch Haren be traded for crap and pull a Fernando Rodney 2.0, while we end up being an extremely top heavy rotation.
Haren is set to make $15 if the Angels pick up his option. I'm sure there are other viable options that much less expensive than Haren. There are rumors that Haren would be willing to return to the Angels at a much reasonable rate. I'm not sure how that would work, but probably create a two or three year extension for about $8 mil a year or so.

If the Angels didn't have an inside track to retain Greinke, then Santana would not have been dealt. As you've stated, there are not a lot of great starting pitchers out there.

As for Wilson, he was not great, but to say he wasn't very good would be saying that Mike Trout was undeserving of the Golden Glove award at Center Field. Wilson went 13- 10, starting 34 games with a 3.83 ERA. Haren was 12-13 on 30 games started with a 4.33 ERA. Greinke had a 3.53 ERA with the Angels, going 6 - 2 upon 13 games started.

Wilson also had surgery on his arm. Which means he could be even better.

Starting pitching has not truly hurt the Angels. Since pitching coach Mike Butcher's arrival, the starting pitcher's ERA has been improving year after year. You know what kills the Angels? The bullpen.

teamyearblown saves

In 2011, Jordan Walden was the de facto closer who blew about 10 saves by himself. We needed bullpen help. Dipoto added Hawkins, picked up old man Isringhausen, and then traded for Frieri. Frieri seems to be the only bullpen arm to really help the bullpen, but not enough as the team still blew 22 saves. It could have been worse had it not been for our offense hitting a lot of runs and the bullpen almost giving up the blown save.

So this trade with the Royals is about acquiring bullpen help on the cheap. We picked up a lefty. I like lefties. That's why Maronde was pushed up fast because he's a lefty. We had Takahashi as well, but he didn't pan out either (although, he wasn't a Dipoto signee). We need help in the back end. We were out of the playoffs by 3 games!

I'm confident that the Angels can sign Greinke. As for Haren. I'm "meh" about it. He's a pretty expensive pitcher for what he put up. I'm sure we can get southpaw Joe Saunders for cheap, that's if he wants to come back to the Angels. That would push Jerome Williams back into the middle relief, to which I think he does well or spot start if a starting pitcher is injured. I would like this line up:

RHP Weaver
LHP Wilson
RHP Greinke
LHP Saunders
RHP Richards

It's the bullpen that I want to see some improvements upon.

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