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Originally Posted by Beechsack View Post
That's generally fair. I disagree with some of your points obviously, especially that the players thing 57=50, but I respect what you're saying.

Frankly, my belief at this point is we lose this season, the players break ranks and get worked over again, and when the new CBA comes up we repeat the process. The owners will find some other way to screw up their finances, either by poor math drafting the CBA (like we see this time around), or by some other means of cap circumventing contracts that they forgot to outlaw.

I believe this lockout will hurt the league a lot, and the next one will probably kill it.

The players are greedy, they only issue is money. Minimum salary is almost 10 times higher then when it was 30 years ago and they are still unhappy. Greedy little .......

They are greedy becasue 50 other unions across the USA countries in whole are taking pay cuts and they are unhappy and going from 5.5 million dollars to 5 million dollars.

The Union will break, sooner or later and in the end they will lose wages from this season, not get what they want and have a role back.
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