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11-01-2012, 03:34 AM
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Originally Posted by Brodeur View Post
I guess I'm cautiously optimistic that they'll put it in the right hands. Waiting in line for the Phantom Menace premiere seems just like yesterday.

As for future storylines, I was under the impression that a hypothetical third trilogy would feature Han and Leia's kid(s). If I recall correctly, there were already some books written in which they have twin boys who undergo Jedi training under Luke. Eventually one turns to the dark side.

But who knows if they'd go that route since Thor/Loki more or less covered that dynamic within recent (cinematic) memory.
Just to prove my geekdom here for a second, they have three kids in the books. A twin brother and sister (hmmm...wonder where they got that idea from?) and a younger brother named Anakin (surely nothing could go wrong there). In the latest books the only one left alive is the daughter. She ended up killing her twin brother who became a Sith (and a rather wimpy one at that).

Regardless of how good, or bad the movies end up being, it'll be fun speculating about them over the next couple of years. It brings back memories of the wait for Episode I.

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