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11-01-2012, 04:25 AM
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Originally Posted by DarthYenik View Post
I don't care what anybody says, with the exception of the line, "NOOOOOOOO!", Revenge of the Sith was awesome.
The entire movie after Vader is left mutilated needed to be left on the cutting room floor. Panda Bear dies for no reason after exhibiting her entire acting range of confused and/or crying, naming both children so ALL the mystery surprises are eliminated in the original movies, removing the shock of Kenobi sacrificing himself in the next film by explaining he already knows he's immortal (but not paying Liam Neeson to make an appearance which would have at least been in line with the series even if just as stupid of a plot move), Yoda going into exile because even though the head muppet on the Empire's Most Wanted list was just able to walk directly into the main office unannounced he now needs to hide on a jungle planet for 20 years because he couldn't do it again when the Emperor was maybe sleeping the next time, NOT putting an appropriately sized actor into the Vader costume, ugh.

Please don't let Lucas ever direct anything ever again.

And please release the original film, without the added crap, with Han shooting first, and with the original special effects (because as masterful as all that stop motion photography was I think it's tragic the art was lost because he wanted cgi instead).

/end rant.

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