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11-01-2012, 04:57 AM
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Originally Posted by JACKETfan View Post
In every sport, there's some aspect which THAT SPORT'S HATERS love to hate.

MLB: "takes too long"
NFL: "too much showboating"
NBA: "Don't play defense"
Hockey: "Can't follow the puck"
NHL HOCKEY: WTFC, too many crybaby millionaires
Tennis: "Skirts too short"
True dis.

If people who like baseball think it's fine that every batter wants to re-velcro every piece of body armor he's wearing in between every pitch, even if he doesn't swing at it, and if they think it's fine every pitcher wants to go on walkabout between every pitch, and finally there's going to be a pitch but the batter calls time because his cup isn't set right or he forgot to tap his shoulder during his pre-step-in-the-box routine, and then the catcher decides he hasn't been to the mound in a while, and the second baseman's all like I wonder what they're talking about, and then maybe you finally get a pitch which the batter fouls off so that the announcers can say it's a good at-bat or seomthing and then the whole thing starts over, who am I to say it's stupid, ridiculous and boring?

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