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11-01-2012, 05:57 AM
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Originally Posted by RandV View Post
To be fair Gillis does a better job of keeping our picks than Burke or Nonis ever did. When you're a contender you're likely going to need to trade this picks at some point.

Starting from 2009, since Gillis wasn't in control of what 2008 picks we had, the team has made 25 draft selections. Making some comparisons, Detroit has 29, Pittsburgh 27 (with 9 this past draft as they were hosting), Boston 25, San Jose 25, Washington 26, and so on. So really while the numbers are low we aren't really behind the curve.

I think that you would have to see the Canucks as behind the curve. SJ is the closest comparable. They draft late and also have been in contention for some time. The key difference is their track record. They draft late, but still have a history of drafting NHL talent (especially at forward). VAN doesn't carry that rep.

In regards to our 2nd round picks and beyond, I believe Gillis has adapted the strategy of taking the BPA in the first round, and for the 2nd round and beyond taking players that are closest to making the league, often overagers.

I see his strategy, but it remains to be seen if it is the correct approach. It's unconventional. Which might net him a great return. Then again, we're already seeing prospects like Grenier and Honzik fail to impress.

When thinking about drafting aspects, I can't help but notice that an emphasis is on skating is constant. Everyone but Gaunce seems to be a good skater, and even he seemed to do well in tests among his peers.

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