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11-01-2012, 06:18 AM
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Three sticks I currently use quite often are:

Bauer APX, P92 curve, 75 flex (cut down to about 88-90): Extremely light stick (420 grams prior to me cutting it), its like waving a feather around! My forearms don't get tired from too many stick maneuvers and I feel like a can deke and stickhandle a lot faster. Blade feels the puck very well and I have a higher sense of confidence stickhandling and shooting without doublechecking where the puck is on my stick. Great stick, currently my most used and will be for quite some time (until it breaks). My goalie friends have said my snappers are a lot harder to save since I started using it, I attribute this to a quicker release which I believe is the result of the low kick-point on this stick.

Easton Si-Core Synergy, 100 flex, Sakic Curve: A stick I've owned since I was 15 (6 years of usage! average stick lasts for about 6 months with me) extremely durable.. just doesn't seem to want to break. Very light, not as light as the APX but close (450 grams). Blade doesn't feel the puck that great but the kick points are perfect for unleashing monster clappers.

Easton S13, 65 flex (cut down to about 75-78), Sakic Curve: First 'intermediate' stick I have ever bought and used. I'm not a big guy (5'9", 150lbs) and I have always been using stiff sticks since I was a teenager so I developed my shooting technique to accommodate the stiffness of those sticks. So when I first used this stick (and every time since) the puck just absolutely flies off my stick with wristers and snappers. Pretty heavy compared to the two sticks above and the blade doesn't feel the puck that well. For its price (~$40 if I remember correctly) you can't get much better. Might consider buying intermediate sticks in the future seeing as I cut off about 3" of shaft every time I buy senior sticks, and apparently intermediate sticks are 3" shorter to begin with.

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