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11-01-2012, 06:19 AM
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Originally Posted by deytookerjaabs View Post
You think he'll keep a 19% shooting percentage like he had last year? You think Kane will stay at 9%? You think Eberle will be able to control the possession game like Kane? Do you think Eberle will ever be as deceptive and as good at stealing the puck as Kane?
With respect to the latter part of your question. Kane and Eberle are very different types of players. Eberle is actually quite good on the cycle, but he is not going to be the guy on his line that controls the puck. That's Nuge's job. He is a pretty shifty guy, but Kane is extraordinary in this regard. What Eberle is great at is controling the puck close to then net, or finding a small opening in tight to get a shot off.

As for the shooting % stuff. I don't think you have a strong case.

Kane's NHL S% average for his career is 10.7%. We don't know what Eberle's typical year will look like but if you look at how they play the game it is easy to explain why there could be a significant difference.

First off Kane is much more of a playmaker than a shooter. But he also shoots from further out that does Eberle. Eberle's game is basically very close to the net. He has an accurate shot with an excellent release, but he tends to take few shots unless he is in tight. This helps increse S% but tends to decrease shot totals. Take a look at Milan Lucic. He has 3 seasons with S% over 17%. Is this because he has Stamkos's shot, or is it because offensively he pretty much plays the game in oppositions crease.

As Oiler fans we heard over and over again why Ryan Jone's 18 goals in 2010-2011 was unsustainable and as a result why it was a mistake to resign him. We were told that plumbers like Jones don't have S% in the 14% range. But guess what, last year there was Jones with 17 goals and a S% of 12.4%.

In the end though, most Oiler fans don't expect Eberle to score 34 goals year in and year out. Almost every player has fluctuations in his numbers from year to year.

While I don't think comparing Eberle and Kanes value is unreasonable, I also do not think a trade around these players would make any sense.

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