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11-01-2012, 07:50 AM
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I'm a speedy winger that is more at home in the offensive end. I like to carry the puck up in a break out and either draw in defense-men so a teammate can drive into the slot/net who can either receive my pass or make do of a rebound when I intentionally fire a low shot to produce one. Or if I feel like I got enough speed to catch the defense flatfooted I might try one of my few go-to dangles and get a shot on net. And, as a result of practicing over the Summer, I have unlocked what I believe to be a new level of snap shot mastery (still not amazing but a lot better than what it used to be) and it has made the chance of me scoring off of any given shot attempt quite a bit higher, which is always a good thing.

If we're already set up in the offensive zone I like to use what I believe to be my good hockey sense or sense of positioning lol. I tend to move around from one of the corners to behind the net or in front of the net, essentially going where I think I make my self a good option to pass to or where I can get a rebound or screen the goalie. With the puck, if I don't see a window to get a good shot off or get into the slot I will skate around to draw in defenders and then peel using the open space to make a pass. I also love having the puck behind the net, with so many options I feel as though there is always a genuine scoring chance on hand. Behind the net I can see almost everyone on the ice in one view and teammates are more free to try to maneuver there way into an open passing lane or I can do one of my trademark wraparounds that I have a knack for putting in the back of the net. Being a pretty small guy (5'9", 150lbs) I still find myself rubbing guys up against the boards or even trying to take my place in front of the net and manage to get my share of garbage goals and the occasional deflections (which I love).

In the defensive end I try to not leave my guys out to dry, by staying positionally aware and block passing lanes. I will keep my eyes on the slot and if an opponent for some reason finds them selves in the slot without any defensive coverage on him I will leave my post and come in and cover them. Also, if the defense is battling for the puck on my side (in the corner or something) I will come in and help dig the puck out and make a safe pass, ideally to someone who can initiate the break out.

Man, typing this out gave me the intense urge to play some ice hockey lol.

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