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11-01-2012, 09:48 AM
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I just had an idea, take cover everyone.
To those who play FIFA '13 you'll notice an abundance of leagues that (from my experience) are well integrated in the game's Career mode (Equivalent of Be a Pro and GM in NHL) unlike in the NHL series where the European leagues are rather limited in use. My idea is to take a page from the FIFA series and create an IIHF game. Granted the NHL wouldn't be too happy about this, but with no season, they have other issues to attend to.
With the inclusion of the Professional, Minor Professional, and possibly some of the Semi-Pro leagues in addition to a more FIFA like Career mode, the addition of other leagues would create a hockey game that for once, hopefully wouldn't feel like an empty shell of a game that I paid $60 for. I heard that the KHL wants too much money for their license, and the solution is simple. Instead of naming it the KHL, name it "EA Russian League" if they cannot get the license. With more players and more leagues, you could finally have an actual choice of where you want to play in Be-A-Pro, or where you want to lend players due to cap restrictions in GM mode.
Furthermore, I would like to see the ability to use other leagues than just the NHL for GM connected. Last note, if a league doesn't have a salary cap, that doesn't mean they have infinite money in-game, EA. Surely EA can get the budgets of teams and apply them to the European/world leagues.

TL;DR: IIHF '14 needs more leagues and the FIFA Career mode.

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