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Originally Posted by Christ View Post
There is a lot that can be said for player chemistry. Some players seem to feed off eachother while on the ice. Kessel and Lupul seem to be an example. While both players can produce on their own, they produce far more when togeather...seem to know when the other is going to be or what the other player is thinking. Not a good idea to break appart a combo like this while it works.
Well I remember not too long ago that the HFLeaf fans declared KGM to be the top line. They too supposedly had magical chemistry. Eventually they were split up. They certainly never found that magic that they once had. Again, who knows if it was a Wilson system thing or what?

Just to add:

Look at all the HF rosters for next season. The KGM line is resoundingly split up. Most want Mac traded and Kuli on the 3rd line.

What happened to chemistry people?

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