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11-01-2012, 10:55 AM
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Originally Posted by Jack de la Hoya View Post
I remember both sides being pretty equally wrong in that, no?

Flyers fans (myself included) believed it would be Schenn + for JVR; Toronto fans insisted it woudl be JVR + for Schenn. Most of the time, the "plus" seemed to be a lower-level prospect or 2nd round pick--so if pressed, I think most of us probably would have admitted the straight-up value was close.

Perhaps the straight value of Gardiner and Couturier is similarly close, but unlike the JVR-Schenn deal, there's really no overriding reason to make the swap. For one thing, both Schenn and JVR needed new starts--I think everyone could agree on that--and given that I can't remember any speculation about Luke to Philly before the acquisition of Brayden, I suspect that the Flyers saw a strong (but largely immeasurable) intangible value in uniting the two brothers.

In contrast, there's really no pressing reason for either side to make this move. Couturier may or may not fit Toronto's long-terrm need for a 1C, and while Gardiner would certainly add some speed and puck-moving to the Flyers blue-line, he doesn't really project to the franchise-type 1D that the team needs. As mentioned several times, the Flyers depth at D is fine, and on the whole, their 1-5 isn't really weak at all, so much as it is bottom-heavy (Timonen, Coburn, Mezsaros*, Schenn, Grossmann). Their problem is the lack of a true #1, and Gardiner doesn't do much do address that.

I don't know if the value is off, but it just doesn't seem like a fit that makes a lot of sense for the Flyers.
The majority of Leaf fans said either one for one or Schenn + a 2nd, Flyers fans either said it won't happen, or had to be Schenn + 1st or top prospect. Short memory I see!

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