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Some are turned off by Mark's "anti-Chinese made gear" antics. Others don't like the fact that they reverse engineer the major OEMs gear.

That being said their level of service is top notch. Not to knock Fresh, but I wouldn't drop the cash for custom gear without trying it on first. I went up to their store last December to check it all out. I spent nearly 2 hours there trying on different pads, gloves and blockers. Mark and Rick were extremely helpful and in no way did I feel like they were trying to rush me at all. They have a customer for life and a potential one with my 6 year old goalie son.

Fresh, are you getting all black pads? You might want to reconsider as black Jenpro can wear more than white (part of the issue with my pads). Also, no sliding toe bridge? With your knee injury you might want to consider that. It will relieve some stress on your knees and ankles.
RE: Simmons. Yeah their gear is very nice. And honestly with the graphics there are so many versions of pads in the history of goalie equipment that no matter what design they come up with there is going to be a comparable so thats really a moot point people are arguing over.

Its Mark's Anti-Chinese thing that gets to me. And for that I will never ever purchase a set of Simmons even if they are the best bang for the buck. I have no problems with him saying that Canadians made goods are better (that is fact). Its his amazing level of ignorance regarding how the system works in China and the Chinese people that bugs me. Don't point fingers at people all over the place if your knowledge about them are so limited! Being Chinese-Canadian myself, I have voiced my opinion regarding this to Mark in the past, as have many others on GSBB, but he chooses to stick to his guns and beliefs despite the wrong knowledge of his. He also said it himself that if he was gonna lose customers this way, then so be it.

But anyway, Simmons do make a great product so people who are using them are in good hands.

As for the black gear, OP have you thought about going all black weave?

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