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11-01-2012, 11:09 AM
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THIS LITERALLY JUST HAPPENED. (I'm in blue, she's in red)

Hi Diane, here are the check images for check # 12993 for invoice # 1222983910. I also have the bank information with the clear date. (screenshot of our bank statement...scanned check images are attached in the e-mail) Please let me know when you are able to locate the payment so we can have the late fees removed. Thanks!

Hello Jarick, I have submitted the below image to our billing department and they are stating that this image is not sufficient enough for further research. We would need the actual check copy front and back of the cleared check. When I click on the link that you have provided me I am not able to access anything. If, you have any additional questions or concerns please feel free to give me a call or send me and email. Thanks, Diane

Diane, please check the attachment to the original e-mail which contains the check images. Thanks

Jarick, when we click the image nothing is loading. Diane

I am referring to the actual attachment, which I have re-sent in this e-mail. The image in the body of the e-mail is just to show the check number and when it cleared the bank.

Jarick, I understand that not sufficient enough for further research. We would need to see an actual image of the cleared check front and back. What you sent us is showing that it cleared the bank when and the check number. This is not enough for our billing department. You would need to reach out to the bank and obtain an actual copy of the cleared check front and back and have it submitted to us in order for us to do further research. Diane

(At this point I opened up, made a screenshot of Outlook, and drew a BRIGHT RED ****ING CIRCLE around the attachment......and then decided I didn't want that blowing back on me, so I just sent an e-mail with screenshots of the images in the subject.)

It was in the attachments, not the body of the e-mail. I will include them in the body of the e-mail as well. (screenshots of the check images)

Thank you! Diane

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