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Originally Posted by Oleg Petrov View Post
Where are these condos that sold for 100K 10 years ago?
The first condos that got built in the Dix30 were being sold for 112k about 10 years ago. I went to check them out this year, and one guy wanted to sell his for 280k

I was also giving you guys estimations. I really don't know how much condos were exactly 20 years ago, but I do know that a HOUSE back then would cost around 100k to 150k. The big houses were going for 250 at the time and now these same houses go for at least 500k (I'm talking about the 250k houses) whereas any condo you look at nowdays will be at least 200k.

Look you guys believe whatever you want, but any property you bought 20 years ago will definately be worth selling and making at least 100k when the time is right.

My parents bought their house 10 years ago for 280k, now our house is valued at 500k by the bank and this was 2 months ago. Maybe prices might not double again in 10 years the same way they have but FOR SURE they will be much higher than what you would pay for right now. And to me this is good enough of an investment, way more safer than investing in stocks or RRSPs

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