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Originally Posted by wgknestrick View Post
I still don't get all the comments stating that "TK is not a top 6 forward". To me this is the main reason for this thread. He sits at #6 on our team in points/60min BTW with a big gap to #7 (Sully/Cooke).

I feel that looking at his production metrics when adjusted for the little ice time he gets, shows that there is something more to his game than his lower point totals would suggest. He produces at a much higher rate than many more respected players in the league (also making more money), but still does not get ample opportunity (IMO) with respect to ice time to really shine.

No matter what you think you see in his game, he is getting it done with respect to what matters: (scoring points himself, and outscoring the opposition).

Just browse his last season's points/60 (2.14) against other teams forwards.

TK would rank:

#4 on PHI (above Hartnell/Jagr)
#3 on NYR (above Richards, Anisomov)
#2 on SJS (above Pavelski, Couture, Marleau)
#2 on LAK (above William, Brown, Carter, Richards)
#6 on DET
#5 on DAL
#4 on BUF
#1 on CAR
#3 on NJD
#3 on WSH
#5 on OTT
#1 on FLA
#3 on MTL
#5 on TBL
#4 on VAN

I only found 2 teams where TK would not be in the top 6 with respect to points/60 ice time.

He would sit at #7 on CHI
He would sit at #8 on BOS

Seems to me that he is a top 6 forward on most teams in the league.
Points/60 doesn't really capture talent in this instance. Kennedy plays 14 minutes a night (12 at ES, 1:30 on PP), if you increased him to 20 minutes a night his P/60 would drop according to his talent.

If you put Kennedy on another weaker team where he's not playing with an elite center and not getting 50%+ O-zone starts and facing better quality of competition, his advanced stats are also going to drop.

Again, this is not to disparage TK. I think he's a fine 3rd liner and has many good traits that makes him good at such a role. But he's not a natural point producer (going back even to junior), he's just a hard-working guy who throws a lot of junk at the net.

Tyler Kennedy does not have a high P/60 because he is an adept scoring forward, he has it because he's in a good situation (good team, great center, good zone-starts, good comeptition).

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