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11-01-2012, 11:52 AM
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Started watching with around 10-11 mins left in the 1st, will try to give a report on Barkov's play, editing this post through the game.

1st period (starting around half way through):
- Looked good on the first shift I saw, picked off a pass at his own blueline, then lead a rush that resulted in a scoring chance
- Nice 2nd shift too. Twice he recovered the puck in his own zone, and both times he successfully started the breakout with good passes. In the offensive zone he had a scoring chance getting to the puck first and getting a quick shot on net. His line seems to be playing at a quicker pace today, which is nice, possibly the Hansen influence
- Kurtis Foster takes a dumb penalty for Tappara. Barkov with a short PK shift, but makes a nice play, stripping the opposition in the neutral zone. Kalpa score off a rocket slapper top shelf later in the PK, after Barkov left the ice. 1-0 Kalpa
- Barkov takes a big hit, but is fine

2nd period:
- Had a few emails/phonecalls to make, missed the first half of the 2nd period, so this report starts again roughly half way through. Seems like Barkov's line scored, Nieminen from Hansen, but Barkov didn't get a point
- Another solid shift from Barkov, recovering pucks, making nice passes and setting up scoring chances. At the end of his shift there was a crazy hit, Tappara player lights up a Kalpa player, seding him into another Tappara player, who gets hurt on the play
- Barkov with a nice pass to Hansen, who almost scored. Sort of Joe Thornton like, in that he passed in a situation where pretty much anyone else would have shot, but I think it was the right play. Worth noting that he has been part of a decent scoring chance in almost every shift I've watched of his today
- Aalto scores for Tappara! Nice slapper top corner, 2-1 Tappara
- Headshot by a Tappara player, killed most of the penalty to end the period
- From what I saw of each period (only the 2nd halves of both), Barkov had a good 1st period, decent 2nd period

3rd period:
- Again I miss the start of the period
- Lehkonen with a slash, Tappara to the PP, where they quickly score. Nice pass from the point to a guy at the side of the net, Foster I believe. Barkov was screening the goalie and drawing attention, but didn't get a point. Tappara running away with the game, 4-1 now
- Barkov getting lots of time on the PK on the most recent penalty
- Tappara with another penalty, Barkov with two quick shifts during the PK. He's getting off the ice pretty quickly after coming on, real short shifts, is probably a bit gassed

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