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What if Finland would still be part of Sweden or Russia?

Sometimes iv'e thought about the history of my Country and what if things would be different, like if Finland would have never gained independence from Russia or Sweden would have never lost Finland to Russia between their war.

I believe that the way things are now are better for Finland, than it would be if we would be still part of other one of these countries...

Expect for the Sport teams, especially for hockey.

Just think about the teams Sweden-Finland would had for the past 20 years. T. Selänne, P. Forsberg, N. Lidström, J. Lehtinen, S. Kapanen, M. Sundin... The list could go on but the point is that all these players would play for the same team.

What would have been the teams & lines for this team at international tournaments?
Which one of Rinne or Lunqvist would be "our" starter goalie for 2014 Olympics? Would Mikko Koivu even be in the 1st line or the captain?

How good you think this team would have been? Could they have dominated Hockey for the past 20-30 years the way Soviet Union did from 60's to 90's? Or like Canada before Soviet Union? Better yet Would they have been the only Country (expect for Canada) to match or even be better than the Soviet Union?

Sweden won several silver & bronze medals in IIHF world championships & Olympics during the Soviet Dominance and Finland was often 4th. I know for a fact that Finland has upset the Soviet Union at least once in Calgary Olympics 88, and believe that Sweden has too sometimes, not sure thought..

And for Russia, let's leave Soviet Union away from this thread because we all know that team was already dominating the sport. So only Russia-Finland team speculation from time after Soviet Union.

But still imagine players like: Bure, Selänne, Fedorov, Kurri, and many more on the 1998 Nagano olympics, in the same team.

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