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Originally Posted by Skk82 View Post
Points/60 doesn't really capture talent in this instance. Kennedy plays 14 minutes a night (12 at ES, 1:30 on PP), if you increased him to 20 minutes a night his P/60 would drop according to his talent.

If you put Kennedy on another weaker team where he's not playing with an elite center and not getting 50%+ O-zone starts and facing better quality of competition, his advanced stats are also going to drop.

Again, this is not to disparage TK. I think he's a fine 3rd liner and has many good traits that makes him good at such a role. But he's not a natural point producer (going back even to junior), he's just a hard-working guy who throws a lot of junk at the net.
We aren't talking about giving him Malkin minutes are we? We are talking about giving him Kunitz like minutes around 16-17min/game (2nd line minutes). I don't understand the notion of his production declining with more minutes (his production is already high / minute). That rate is very unlikely to change. (hence, it's a rate).

He is not even close to playing at a normal game usage level. If he had been playing 20min/game, that is a valid argument for sure. There isn't much left in the tank for Malkin/Crosby with the minutes they get. 100% utilization.

Do you think TK is on the edge of being tired/fatigued playing only 14min/game? I also love the justification for never even "trying" to give him more ice time on a 2nd line. If it doesn't work out, it doesn't work out. I'll fully come around at that point with my opinion of him. Until then..

It is hard to objectively look at his production and wonder WTF? Why doesn't this guy get more minutes, and why isn't he the default choice for our next top 6 winger? We should all appreciate TK for how good he is. He's been providing top 6 level scoring on our 3rd line.

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