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Originally Posted by Qui Gon Dave View Post
Not all of these are post 2000 bands but they may well be of interest to you. They aren't all strictly power metal either but should be close enough to your tastes to be worth a look. As for your one rule, how do you feel about the vocals on Pantera's Great Southern Trendkill album? You list them as a band you like but the vocals on that album are quite harsh. Do you mind that type of vocal performance or is that one you enjoy less?

Wuthering Heights
Destiny's End
Evil Masquerade (their recent album was more hard rock than power metal but the first 4 albums they did were rather good IMO)
The Storyteller
Arthemis (apparently they have gone in a heavier direction recently but again, early albums are good power metal)
Crescent Shield
Dream Evil
Kiuas (maybe a bit shouty in places but you list Pantera as a band you like so I don't think you'd have much trouble with the vocals)
Jacob's Dream
Symphony X

Helstar (some growling/screaming in an old school metal style, maybe start with the older material before they reformed a few years ago which has slightly harsher vocals and may not be to your tastes)
Threshold (more prog metal but could be of interest)
Vanden Plas (as above, more prog metal but could be of interest)
I haven't heard of that album to be honest. I have Cowboys From Hell and Vulgar Display Of Power. Honestly, the vocals on some of the songs on VDOP are a little too harsh for my tastes. I prefer high range vocals, but I also like edgy vocals a la Mustaine or Hetfield and Anselmo from CFH.

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