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11-01-2012, 12:43 PM
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.94 PPG
#48 in goals all time
#47 in points all time
#8 in short handers all time
#9 game winners
#2 in OT goals
#14 in playoff points all time
The list continues with top 10 top 20 records in playoff plusminus, assists, short handers, game winners and others...

And the guy played defense for a ton of games. Many of his coaches preferred his role as a defencemen in their top 4, but Sergei preferred forward.

I would love to see how many actual minutes he played forward compared to the other recorded players and im sure his average would go up.

Those stats I mentioned, plus other achievements both in the NHL and IHFF, make me believe hes a top 50 player immediately.

And as his plus and minus, his 2 selke awards and many others have stated... his defense is as good as his offensive if not better. Right there im thinking you can squeeze him in the top 20.

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